All the signs were there, I still denied it - "How do I tell myself I'm not crazy?"

Married 26 yrs. So I knew her like I know my own self. She would leave on the weekends. Would not answer cell phone.

Same number 100s of times calling her, she calling and texting back. No sex between us. Sent her undies to a DNA lab, positive for semen many times.

She said I was crazy, she left me and kids. Still denies the truth. I divorced her. How do I stop being angry now. How do I tell myself I'm not crazy.

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Hard to say
by: The Wilhite Group

I have witnessed this scenario many times. Choosing the correct way to deal with such a betrayal is different for each person, however the simple answer is this:

First you must accept that it happened.

Second you must accept the things that you cannot change, and the fact that your former partner may never admit her guilt.

Third you must decide that you are deserving of happiness and move on.

Easier said than done? Yes, for some it is. It will not happen overnight, but you will come to terms with your situation, and eventually realize that you are ready to move forward.

by: Anonymous

Wow. Unreal.

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