Am I Being Paranoid That My Partner is Cheating On Me? I Can't Stop Thinking That I'm Being Cheated On!

Am I being paranoid that my girlfriend is cheating on me? I use to be in a relationship in which I struggled between just being paranoid or if I was overlooking clear signs that my girlfriend was being unfaithful.

am I being paranoid that my girlfriend is cheating on me?

They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste. Well, it was terrible that my mind was wasting so much of my time. A lot of my day was consumed with wandering thoughts of my unfaithful girlfriend.

If you have to consistently ask yourself, "Am I being paranoid?" then there is a very good chance that your relationship is in distress or will be if it certain issues aren’t addressed.

If your spouse isn’t cheating, I can surely tell you that your paranoia can lead to major problems in your relationship. From there, it is very easy to move into possessiveness.

In my situation, I felt I had to be able to see my girlfriend to assure myself that she wasn't cheating on me. If she was out of my site, she could be doing anything with anyone!

It was a terrible feeling to live with. In my case, my paranoia existed because I cheated before and I knew how someone could be with someone thinking that everything was what it seemed despite a full blown affair was taking place without any knowledge from the unsuspecting partner.

Hmm…that leads me to...

What goes around comes around!

It sure does!

I can't say my actions had anything to do with my girlfriend eventually cheating on me, because I believe it would have happened either way. What I do know that in my situation my relationship was over before we ever broke up.

Am I being paranoid that my girlfriend is cheating on me? When I started asking myself that question on a regular basis, the enjoyment that I was supposed to feel in the relationship had stopped.

If you are in a relationship that you truly cherish, you will have to figure out if you are just being paranoid about being cheated on, or if it is justified. You will need to put the work in that can confirm your feelings or put your suspicions to rest. Either way, there is a lot of work ahead of you if your relationship has a shot to survive.

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