Am I Being Cheated On?

Can Your Spouse Really Be Cheating On You? They Sure Can, Infidelity Statistics Say So!

Am I being cheated on?

Am I Being Cheated on? That’s the question that you will really need to ask yourself if you are ever to see or notice any of the signs that you will read about on this site.

You see, many of us put on the cruise control once we get settled or comfortable in a relationship or even a marriage. It's very easy to dismiss any signs of infidelity by saying:

"My husband would never cheat on me"


"My wife is not that type of woman to ever cheat"

Those are both statements that we all would like to believe. But simply by looking at infidelity statistics and divorce rates, those two statements don't hold true for many of us. Cheating is not an act that's exercised by a particular age group, sex, or race.

It occurs in relationships for many different reasons. Either way, the relationship will usually suffer due to the infidelity. Our instincts and intuition are remarkable, and it's a shame that we don't trust them more often. When you reach a stage in your life where you have to stop and ask yourself:

Am I Being Cheated On?

It is at that point that you need to slow down and start really paying attention and listening to your body's feedback of how your relationship is going. This should be done anyhow, so that you can see and do the little things that you did when you first fell in love.

By slowing down and minding your relationship, it allows you to see all the good things going on but it also allows you to notice any signs of infidelity that are out there. In most cases, "If it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, it's a duck!"

There is simply no purpose of noticing signs of his or her cheating ways if you aren't going to do anything about it. For some people they would rather not know because they wouldn't know what to do next if they found out their spouse was cheating on them.

If you aren't one of those people, you need to get proactive when it comes to you relationship if it is something you cherish. Ask yourself, "Am I being cheated on" and then do something to find that answer. Proactive may mean different things for different people. For many it may mean, popping in on him or her more often when they are up late at night locked away in the computer room. For someone else it may mean making sure that you accompany your spouse to more after work functions, and in extreme cases it may mean tracing a cell phone, hiring a private investigator or applying computer monitoring software to his or her computer.

If you do reveal some type of infidelity, you will need to confront the situation. Be careful now, I said confront the situation not your spouse! By this I mean, actively seek a resolution to the situation. There will be a right time to lay it on your spouse if you choose to.

Examples of confronting the situation:

  • Seeking out the services of a qualified Attorney

  • Hiring a private investigator to get more proof

  • Becoming more of a presence in relationship in hopes that the one time fling will come to an end

  • Speaking with an infidelity or relationship counselor

"If it looks like a duck,
and it walks like a duck, its a duck!"

Each situation will be different. Some relationships have more at stake than others. But in any instance, if you have to ask yourself:

Am I being cheated on?

Its time to start paying attention again to the little things again in your relationship! It will only get better in the long run from there.

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