by buc

My girlfriend of 8 years says that I am a hell raiser and that i have a problem and that just need to chill out. Well I try because I really love her . I live with her now and her 3 kids from a previous marriage which 2 of them are from her husband . The oldest one is from some guy I know nothing of. He's a good kid and he repects me. But the other 2 from her husband are another story. First of all they feel like i stole their mom from their dad and he is the the kind of guy that reminds them of that escpecially their daughter. she is 14 and i will just say.. she acts beyond her age. she is daddys little girl and she hates me and she is his eyes and ears the only time she says anything to me is only when she wants something from me. when she brings her cousins over on her father's side over she really treats me bad. now the boy isn't as bad but he's about the same but alot of his feelings towards me come from his dad. he's 18 and just got done with h.s and is now off to collage soon. but he tries. By the way...she is still married to him after all this time so that don't help. she says that it's been hard to get the divorce but it shouldn't make a difference to me because it is just a piece of paper and she is with me. I have to see this guy everyday beacause his sister stays right around the corner so he is always riding past the house or dropping off or picking up his daughter or calling or something. Last but not least i noticed where she had copied some sexy pictures of her over to her kids laptop because she is always shut away somewhere on it and when i asked her about it she said i was for no reason that she wanted to look at them. Look ...I don't want to seem like I want to start arguments and that i am n secure beacause that is what she says when i say something about it. Am I crazy ? Why would she transfer pictures of her like that if she wasnt going to send them to someone. I also found a love note to this guy along with his picture but she told me that she put that there on purpose for me to find beacause she knew that I would snoop. and that she don't love him she would like to love someone like him. Am I Crazy ? please help.


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