by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, Az)

Was Our Love, & Life Together, Only A BIG FAT LIE?
Did You Ever, Really Love Me, At All, Even A Little, Did You Even Try?
You Often, Claimed To Love Me, Believed, We Were Meant To Be.
Yet, Almost As Often, I Happened Upon, You, Intending to CHEAT, On Me.
I often Caught You, In The Presence Of Other Females, In Your Company.
You, Also Had Phone Numbers, For Other Females, You Lied, To Explain, The Reason, For This, To Me.
Did I Stay, With You, To Allow You To,
Break My Heart, & Cause Me Such Pain?
I Honestly Loved You, With All My Heart, My Soul, My Every Being, Hoping Stronger Love To Gain.
Even Though, You Were Proven To Be Unfaithful, Our Love, Managed To Survive.
Six Years, We Had, Making it Through, & Moving Forward, Towards Our Future, Our Love Strong, & Alive.
You Cheated, To Bring An End, to All We Were, All We Had, All We'd Hoped To Be.
SHE'LL Suffer, The Same, I'm Sure, For HER Part, In The Cause, Of, Our Ended, LifeLong Possibility....

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