Anatomy of Internet Affairs

Having An Internet Affair Has Never Been So Easy!

Anatomy of an internet affair uncovered

In this article I will attempt to break down the anatomy of internet affairs to help you in any way before it’s too late.

An internet affair is not quite like many other affairs for many reasons. While in some cases the bond formed during an online affair may be weak, in others it could be the fuel that flames the fire.

The internet "super highway" is a powerful vehicle and can take you to places both good and bad. In respect to internet affairs, it can sometimes suck in an individual not mentally strong.

Characteristics and Anatomy of Internet Affairs

  • Mysterious – The internet has been around for quite some time now, but it still fascinates so many people today because of its limitless reaches. As you read the characteristics of your potential lover on the side your mind can't help but to wonder if they are telling you the truth. And vice versa, just when you are about to type you wonder whether you should be 100% honest or bend the truth a bit (this option taken more times than not!). Here lies the mystery of the internet!
  • Reach Out And Touch Anyone – Imagine deciding that you wanted to meet someone and getting in your car and passing by 32 hot spots and talking to 67 people in 14 states. What a night huh? With the internet you could literally accomplish that by "cyber surfing" some of the single sites in the comfort of your own home.
  • False Sense of Intimacy – When you get that reply "I wish I was there!"you can’t help but to feel how wanted you are. But how about the fact that two of his buddies are there next to him laughing as he types. Because your mind grabs the words and runs with it, your interpretation of the affair may be way more than what it really is.
  • Time Saver – Don't have too much time before Grey’s Anatomy comes on? Why not jump on the internet for a few to nurture you affair. You don’t need any elaborate plan to a lot a few hours so that you can see your lover (that comes later!).
  • One Click Way – By this I mean the end is always one click away in the minds of the two having the affair. That sense of knowing there is always an out gives makes it easier to pursue and continue having an internet affair.
  • Safety – Once again, all your romance can happen from the comfort of your home. That brings a sense of safety knowing that you will not be spotted out at the local bar by a neighbor. Whew, what a relief!
  • Is An Internet Affair Really Wrong? – It's not like you have slept with her right? I mean you are only exchanging the sweet nothings and you could end it anytime right? It’s just good conversation! This concept lures a lot of people to explore a little deeper in the tangled web. Some get caught never to get out the same!

"I lost my marriage to an internet affair!"

While these are some of the major characteristics and anatomy of internet affairs, there are many more than I will talk about later. I will also discuss signs of internet affairs so that you can stop it before it goes too far.

Good luck!

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