Another Flavor Testing Your Mate

by Maripaz
(CA, USA )

My fiancee and I have been together for 11 months. He always tells me that he is very loyal and will never cheat.

I have been cheated on twice so before I take that big leap I wanted to see if it's really for better or worse.

I had a fantasy of a threesome the difference I would just like to watch. So, one day I stumbled on an ad for a masseuse and sent her an email.

So to test his undying love I told him I had a friend whose friend wanted to know about wine.

So they talked and in their conversation she told my fiancee she is also a massuese.

So they talked and she told me that he is a very loyal guy. We met up with her and one thing led to another.

I did tell her to tell me everything. They have good chemistry and he played the role of a nice guy treating a woman.

Of course he never knew what her true profession is. I had a fight with him and he left for 2 hours he said he was just airing off.

Come to find out he was with her on the phone for almost 2 hours. I let it slide and they started talking, flirting and texting behind my back.

She also told me not to tell him who she really is. It went out of hand and this test/fantasy turned into an event that I could never forget.

He became hostile and didn't even want to have any physical contact with me. She took advantage of the situation knowing that he is into her.

I called the shots and told her to stop infact both of them. I had to tell my fiancee her profession before he packs and leave.

It caused a strain a huge one to a point that he hurt me physically. I know there is no one to blame but me and trust me it bit me hard.

Hope this serves a lesson and experience to women and men out there. Once a cheater will always be one.

Try to find out about your mate before saying "i do".

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