Are You Suffering From The Tiger Woods Syndrome?

by #1 Tiger Fan!

Are you suffering from the Tiger Woods Syndrome?

Are you suffering from the Tiger Woods Syndrome?

Are you suffering from the Tiger Woods Syndrome? According to TMZ, American Idol Winner, Kris Allen is being affected by the Tiger Woods infidelity scandal.

Excerpt from Associated Press:

Kris Allen's wife seems to be so distraught worrying over her very popular and very handsome husband that she has begun having "bad dreams" about it. The singer told TMZ that his wife has constantly questioning him since "reading all this stuff about Tiger."

Are you like Kris Allen's wife, the wife of a popular, handsome, or famous person? Is this happening to you? Are you a sufferer of TWS or do you know someone who is or might be? Do you worry that your husband texts too much with people whose IDs you don't recognize? Are you afraid that his trips "out of town" might have been assignations with other women?

Are you kidding me? This story just won't go away especially now when those suffering from the Tiger Woods Syndrome start to come out the of the "Woods". His infidelity has started a hysteria!

Here is another from

I imagine sexperts and psychologists are starting to call cases of philandering family men “Tiger Woods Syndrome.” I personally have many clients like Tiger; powerful, successful “family men” with conservative reputations who lead complicated double lives with secret mistresses and fetishes. Most manage to maintain their facades, as most of society maintains its façade, but some are exposed, some fantasize about being exposed, and some have exposure thrust upon them.

When uncovered, society tends to blame these guys for everything. But behind every philandering husband is a wife with some responsibility for their wounded marriage.

Well, hopefully in this New Year, Tiger and his family will be able to move on with their lives whichever direction that may be. And hopefully he will put all his cheating ways behind him!

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