Ashton Kutcher Cheats on Demi Again! (According to Star Magazine)

by Chris

Ashton Kutcher cheats on Demi?

Ashton Kutcher cheats on Demi?

If you have been in your local grocery store lately then I am sure that you have seen the story that Star magazine is running.

"Ashton Cheats Again - With this Girl"

That is the headline on the front page of Star.

When I first heard the story that Ashton cheated on Demi I immediately thought that the story had to be false.

Who is the woman that Ashton Kutcher cheated with?

According to Star, that would be a 21 year old woman named Brittany Jones.

How could Ashton even think that he would be able to get away with cheating with his celebrity status.

But, after seeing this recent story my stance started to waver a bit. I thought Ashton is human. He is a man, and he does have a BIG ego.

That combination definitely tells me that it is very possible that this 21 year old (Brittany Jones) is telling the truth.

I came across a interesting post on Below is an excerpt from their website.

All heterosexual men are born with an ego that prevents them from resisting the opposite sex. It goes against human nature for a man to ignore the advances of a sexy female. All heterosexual men, whether married or not, needs to know that the opposite sex finds them attractive.
Meanwhile, this is the 2nd time Ashton has threatened legal action against Star magazine for accusing him of cheating on Demi. It’s interesting to note that he never filed the lawsuit.

The part that REALLY caught my attention was:

"It’s interesting to note that he never filed the lawsuit."

Now, I don't know if that is 100% accurate, but if it is that also speaks volumes.

From what I also understand, Star magazine ran the story because Ms. Brittany Jones was able to give them some "definitive facts" that made her story very credible.

I am interested to know what you think about this story?

Do you think we will be hearing anything from Demi shortly?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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I think so...
by: Anonymous

I think its true. I believe that Demi is just happy to have landed such a hunk. I think she was "it" back in the days but she is clearly past her prime so she will forgive him.

Resisting the opposite sex - "I was raised to be accountable for my behavior"
by: Minnie as in too many times screwed over

I for one am sick and tired of that 'resisting the opposite sex' crap. It is time for women to stand up and shout that out to the world. If we let men think we are still buying that excuse in 2010 we might as well go back to the cave men days.

What my husband of 41 years did to me is unforgivable. He is 66 years old. Sex addiction, porn addiction. My god, I have getting old addiction, grey hair addiction, gaining weight addiction. There is an addiction tag on everything today. How about 'being responsible for your behavior' addiction? That's one so many have forgotten about.
I for one do not care about Demi/Ashton. Just another way to sell magazines. Have you ever noticed that the truly great actors just keep low and out of the news? That is a true actor. Not someone who is so afraid of not being noticed that they place themselves in a position to be a headliner. The Paris', Kims. Brittanys, etc. will not be remembered into old age.
Sorry I have just gone on and on. Just tired of excuses. I was raised to be accountable for my behavior. Not if it feels good, do it.
Minnie (as in too many times screwed over)

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