Auto mechanic at Savvy System NY gone really bad.....................

I was having an affair with a guy named Bob who worked at Savvy Systems in East Hills, Rosyln, NY..

He was very conceded and somewhat the ladies man but that didnt matter to me… we met at a bar and we started to see each other and then he started to talk about a girl he worked with Annie, he told me she dressed very provocative at work, that she was always looking for attention at work, that she was always hitting on him and that he thought she was ugly…

On weekends he always had something to do, I started to think he was married or living with someone.

Plus the fact that he talked more and more about this women Annie..I wondered had Bob told her about me ???? on one occasion, at a company picnic Bob got very drunk and I wondered was it the pressure from both of us being there????

Did he promise her the kind of life that he did with me???? Did he love either one of us or was he using both of us?…

What a jerk this guy was, he had no money, no pension and no job to speak of…how desperate was

To even be with a loser like that… . Eventually he came clean about Annie, that they had an affair in the back of her father’s car during a Christmas party, can you believe that???

He said he felt sorry for her, that she was lonely and desperate and she threw herself at him.

He told me she wanted to marry him and he just strung her along!! Here’s the kicker, I later found out that he was married with kids, and that Annie knew but still pursued him anyway, I never knew and once I found out I kicked this jerk to the curb, which is where he belonged…

I later found out his wife had an affair with a guy with tons of money, she strung Bob along for 10 years or so and recently just left him with nothing.

This letter is to make all women aware of what cheating husbands are capable of… if you find one trying to pick you up run away, far away… please don’t make another women miserable….

We should all stick together…the moral of the story is. If you can’t find your own man , please don’t try and take someone else's.

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