Be Certain! - At some point they will leave their cell phone unguarded

If you are suspicious you are likely right to be. However, keep your suspicions to yourself until you know for sure. Be watchful, be aware of the cellphone.

Eventually they will get careless, thinking they are too smart or too careful to be caught, that is when they will make mistakes. Almost daring you to catch them. Start with the cellphone. Look at the account online, it will have records of calls to and from.

Also a record of the number of texts including time of day to each phone number. Print these and keep them safe, they will stay visible on the account for a limited time depending on the company. This will tell you if there is an extraordinary amount of communication with a single number. If there is, you are going to need to look in the phone to see the messages. This is where patience is key.

At some point they will leave the phone unguarded. While you are being patient, keep your eyes open for unfamiliar 4 digit numbers written down and take note.They will likely have passcoded their phone. When opportunity knocks, be ready to try some of the passcode possibilities.

If and when you find the messages, forward them to your phone or email. You will have all you need at this point to confront them with undeniable proof.

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