Be Honest tell the TRUTH!!!

by God's Pricess

My husband told me just a few days ago that a girl just came up to him out of the blue and kissed him. Me being 36 and him being 20 I knew better been there done that. so i didn't think anything about it. Then he just kept going on about it so i listened to what he had to say because when someone is guilty about something it just all goes to hell from there. well he told me that he was trying to find this girl that asked him if he knew someone to take her where she lived. and of course he said yes and walked her around his home town and tried to find her a ride.
well I can't really give you the story because he gave me the different versions to the story over a three day period. finally the story came out he told me that he asked her for a kiss and she gave it to him and then told her that he was married. and that he was joking. then took her around town to try and get her a ride to where she needed to go. then she asked him if he would sleep with her. and He told me that he told her hat he had a wife and told her where to go. but he didn't tell me until 2 days later and then told me 3 different stories. why did he feel he had to lie to me. because now i feel that there is more to the story even though he says there isn't. So yes I feel in a relationship of boyfriend girlfriend husband or wife you should completely be honest and tell the TRUTH!!! because you could be where i am right now and feel you did something wrong when you know deep down you didn't. Because it hurt the first time he told me and hurt even worse the 2nd time he told me and I really felt like nothing the 3rd time he told me the truth. which i had a hard time believing him because he lied to me the first 2 times blaming the girl. but what made him tell the truth was I was calm through the whole thing and it made him feel even more guiltier and the truth comes out when the other person is calm. I love my husband is why i was so calm. I have understanding too that people make mistakes and i will continue to have patience with him. Because I know God has Patience for my mistakes too.

Thank you,

God's Princess

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