Been Verified*A Bonefide, Cheater

by Suzanne Marie
(Phoenix, Az, USA)

There Is No Use In Trying To Deny, You Are Everything & More, Than What Is Reported.
There Is No Defamation In What I Am Sharing, Facts, Alone, No Fiction, No Stretching Of The Truth, Nor, Truth, Distorted.
You Have Been Verified, A Bonefide, Cheater, You Can Try To Deny, Some, Or Even All, Of What You've Read Or Even, Heard.
The Truth, Verified By The Person, Who Lived The Information, The Submission, My Shared, Experience, As Expressed, My Given, Word.
Been Verified, A LIAR, A CHEATER, A PLAYER, Throughout, My Experience, Shared, From The Traumatic Memories, Permanently, Embossed, On My Mind.
No Denying, No Defamation, No Made-Up, Fairy Tales, To Submit, The Necessary Information, Exactly, As It Was, It Is, It Will Be, In Kind?
Been Verified, A Bonefide Cheater, Your History, Your Common Reputation, I Am The Person, Who Knows, Best, As I Lived It.
I Am Not Living, A Fairy Tale, I Have No Reason, To Tell Lies, Nor Make Anything Up, The Information, I Provide, Facts, Totally, Legit.
You KNOW, Exactly What You Were, What You Did, When, Where, How, & Why, No Way To Excuse, Yourself, Your Actions, Nor Your, Opinion.
You Lied, You Cheated, Again & Again, Video, Audio, Digital, Mental, & Physical, Experience, Not Ever, Without Proof, Nor, Indecision.
I Share My Emotional Distress, My Personal Experience, In The Matter I Address, Such As It Is, Exactly As It Happened, TO ME.
Been Verified, A Bonefide, Cheater, By Me, With Six & One-Half, Years, Experience, To Testify, To The Facts, I State, In All Honesty.
No Defamation, No Lies, No Made-Up Information, Nor Fiction, You Can Try To Claim, As Being The Case, In Your Attempted, Defense.
I Have Submitted, Totally, Factual Information, As I, Emotionally &
Traumatically, Experienced, Both Physically & Mentally, My Now, Documented, Evidence...
Suzanne Marie

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