by Berry123

My husband cheated on me and had sex with another girl. But he accepted himself and apologized for it.

He also said would never do such a mistake again in his life. I also warned to stop seeing or talking to that girl.

But after 3 months , he started talking to the girl. He himself accepted that he called the girl for some other reason and only one or two times he had spoken to her.

I again told him to stop talking and stay away from her. But later after 2 months, he started chatting ( in yahoo messenger ) with her every alternate day or other very frequently.

When I asked him , why you are again chatting with her. He says there is nothing in between them , it is just friendly chat and questioning what is wrong in being a friend with her.

But he has been talking every alternate day for last 3 months inspite of asking him to stay away.

Should I trust him ? Does he really means that he is a friend of her only ? What should I do ?

Please advice.

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by: Anonymous

if he loved you like he says he does than he would stop doing the things that upset you the most.leave him with her and move on.TRUST ME

Run for the border!!!!
by: Anonymous

What are you waiting for? I just don't see how you put up with this behavior. I'm a guy and I'm telling you leave him, he don't love you.

Sorry. Next excuse for him will be that one thing lead to the other and they will find themselves in bed Again.

There are millions of people out there I'm sure someone will love you and appreciate you more than this idiot.

Listen to Us!
by: bellanotte995

LEAVE HIM!!!!!!!!!! he is going to keep cheating on you. Guys dont ever mean it when they say theyre just friends! especially since they already slept together! you need to have more respect for yourself and just leave him!

love yourself more
by: Anonymous

I am going through the same exact thing that it brings tears down my face, my husband has been promising to leave his girlfriend alone now for 6 months,every time he says its over the next couple of days he would tell me he slept with her
I know it hurts so much but try to love yourself more please.

Never believe a man when he says they are just friends
by: Anonymous

No don't listen to him. I have been with my husband since I was 12 and he was 13. I know that they never change.

We were married 4 years ago, and guess what after promising he would never cheat on me again after we got married, Friday night he went out and found himself a barfly and guess what, cheated.

They never stop and the more you forgive them the more they do it to you. Please take the advice I am giving you.

I am 38 years old and getting ready to start my life over agian, without the lying cheat. I wasted over 20 years of my life with someone who cheated over and over again and apologized and then pulled the same thing, they are just friends.

Well the "just friends" meant that he hadn't slept with her yet, once he slept with her, he was no longer friends with her.

Please don't waste you life like I did.

Is it worth it?
by: Robert

NO NO NO!!! Once a cheater always a cheater. This saying has been around for a long time and it is something that is sadly true.
I found out that my girl was cheating on the net and I found out by accident. When I asked her what that icon on her tool bar was she said that it was nothing but junk.
That gave me a red flag and I started digging and praying that I would not find anything, but guess what I did....
Long story short I found out through a friend of hers that she cheated before on her husband.
I asked her and she flatly denied it. I gave her several chances to fess up, but denied it flatly.
She does not know that I know the truth. So there you are.
I hope that you will recover soon from this and you find someone else that will treat you right.
God Bless you...

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