Boyfriend possibly cheating but unsure

by Crystal Shanklin
(naples, fl)

Well lets see here. My bf and I have been dating for almost a year now. we've known each other for 14 years.

I have 2 children from another relationship and possibly one on the way with him. We don't live together but see each other daily. Billy has this friend, Margo who is his best friends wife.

His best friend and margo live 3 houses up the road from him. Now, on his phone, its in my name, i have more recently gone online and checked to see who he calls etc. my bf and margo talk all day long. its not for long periods but there must be 100 texts and phone calls between the 2 of them.

When i asked him about this, he says that its because that's their only phone and she wants to get a hold of her husband who is at home with no phone and asks him to walk over there to let him use the phone. Ok. so i take the bait.

There's been a couple times that i go to check his phone and the only text messages on there are from me and his other guy buddies.

I ask him why he deletes the texts if there's nothing to hide and he'll come up with the excuse of that his inbox was full, or that he doesn't have to have a reason, its his phone he's allowed to delete what he wants.

Over the last 2 weeks, margo has been over at his house more and more often. I call him and she's over there "playing the xbox", or i stopped b and she was over there and had just stopped by to see if he had any oil.

What makes it worse is that margo's only shower doesnt' work right now and they shower over there often.. but margo makes it a point to go over there and shower by herself while he's there. 2 nights ago, i picked up his phone to use it and he had her picture on the wall paper.

I asked him about it and he said that he did it just to see what i'd say.. you know, to play with me. So i said that i'd appreciate it if he doesn't do that any more and put my picture back on there on his wall paper.

Last night i go to use his phone again (mine was at home) and he's got her pictures on there on the wall paper again. I go through the pictures and he's got about 15 pictures of her.. some looks like she may have taken them herself but still.. and all but oneo f mine had been deleted.

I questioned him again, trying to be nice and not show my anger and he said he did it again to prove a point that she's his friend and that i have to accept her as his friend.

I've never had any problem what so ever with her until all this crap started up. i out right said, what do you wanna be with her or something or are you sleeping with her? he has sworn up and down that he hasn't done anything and gets super defensive.

I say ok that i believe him but when i asked him to not keep any more pictures of her on there, he flips. i told him one or two pics are fine.. u know for like the pic id or just to have one of her because she's his friend but he trips out saying that i need to accept her and then he finally deletes them and says if he can't have her pic on there then i dont need mine on there either.

I tell him that he doesn't need to keep her on there because she's not his gf.. i am. I just feel that there's something going on between them. they may not be having sex, or they may be.. but more like an emotional bond between them.

He says there's no way that he'd do anything because it's his best friends' wife.. i told him that it doesnt' mean anything because many many many people cheat on their husbands or wives and most often it's with a best friend's spouse. am i in the right? is there something to worry about here?

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Wake the hell up!!!
by: Anonymous

OMG wake up girl!! he is cheating! what more evidence do you need. He had her pic on his wall paper!!! you have 2 kids to think about

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