Boyfriend received a late night text from a girl

My boyfriend received a text from a girl late at night and then lied about it.

Should I worry? I am very open with him, never lie to him about anything.

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After Hour Texts
by: Anonymous

A woman should never ever text a man after hours, especially if he is in a relationship. Why would she think it ok to do so? Maybe he told her it was ok or that he was single leading her to believe it would be ok.

I had that happen recently. Very recently and needless to say, it did not go over very well. I am still contemplating a break up because of that. It wasn't anything that when reading looked out of the ordinary BUT fact still is, why does this woman 1, have your number and 2, think it is ok to text you after midnight? Questions that need answering and a resolve to. Good luck!

Possibly... trust your instincts!
by: Lala Lovewine

A girl should never text him after hours. I'm not saying hes cheating but is maybe talking to someone. If he got upset because you asked him about it. Something is probable wrong.

Best Regards,

Lala Lovewine

by: somebody

If you no u never lied to him you don't have to worry or even panic when he is talking to you because u did nothing.

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