Broken Beyond Repair

by Miranda Perron
(Sudbury Ontario )

When I first met you you had problems , you were doing drugs and not going to school and barely going home , and your girlfriend cheated on you so you broke up .

I started to talk to you more and more as the days went on about different things like parents and school and drugs , and how I didnt like that you did them.

You asked me out on the spot and me being a young 13 year old girl falling for the 15 year old boy I fell for it and said Yes.

We would watch movies , and talk late on the phone , it was only the two of us nobody else around us mattered , it was love I just knew it was from day 1 .

I love the way you say my name , and the way we could talk for hours and never run out of things to say , I love the way you would tell me exactly what I needed to hear , and exactly how you felt.

Our parents didn't like us together because we were having sex , but we didn't care we made it very clear , we knew who we wanted to be with.

On my 13th birthday , you told me that you we're moving back to your sisters , because you were almost 16 and your dad didn't want you at the house .

I tried to accept that the move is what you needed to do , I couldnt think of me.

I let you go , and I trusted youuu .
Until the night that I called you , and your girl was in the background asking who you were talking to , you said a friend , and I said boy it's the end .

I hung up the phone ,and layed on my bed , with everything he said running through my head , FOREVER , I LOVE YOU ?

I thought I was never going to be okay , he's older sister had called and said that I was going to be okay , even though he was with a new girl ,
Girls out there , who give there everything to a boy , make sure he means it , because he treated me like gold , and I got messed in the end , he left me for a girl , but he never thought I would find out , he though , that I would just let him come running back into my arms , WRONG.

No girl deserves that , they deserve somebody who is there for them and doesn't cheat , and calls when there supposed to , don't cry because it's over smile because it happened , take the memories and never forget them , but learn from the mistakes.

Don't settle for okay , settle for the best. There is always somebody better .

It hurts at the beginning , but it will all get better in time.

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