by Stephanie Head
(Whitley City Ky..)

It's so painful how you can be hurt in just a blink of an eye.

When your heart is broken into a million of pieces in just one second.

When you feel like there's nothing that could change all the pain you hold inside.

When you wished he could change the way he is.

When you look at the love of your life and everything you have always wanted in your life.

Wishing you could show him how you felt an how bad it hurts but you know deep down it won't do no good.

When he knows how jealous you get, but he still does the exact same thing behind your back thinking you will never find out.

When you try to fake the smile and try to pretend he will change. Deep down you know that he will never change how he is.

When it hurts you so bad inside that you feel like you can just lay down and die when you think it's your fault that he does the things he does.

When you really don't want to lose him out of your life that you dot like to see him walk out the door late at night.

But you know deep down that no matter how you try to change him that you are wasting your time.

Even though he means the world to you, your just a toy that he likes to play with when she is not around...

You finally pick up your feet an pick up all your broken pieces an leave...

I know this might sound stupid to some people but if you have ever been cheated on then trust me you will feel everything this is about...

trust me girls there is no guy out there that will change for you trust me they say they will

I've heard it plenty of times they don't..

There's no guy worth putting you in so much hurt an pain..

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