Busting a cheater with text messages

by Paula

Busting a Cheater with Text Messages

Busting a Cheater with Text Messages

Busting a cheater with text messages

I'm going to make this story as short as possible, so I can get to the interesting part about how I'm going to torch his ass. I met a guy on line about a year ago. He pursued me, I wasn't really interested, because he lived 150 miles away, and is European. After a slow week of bad dates, I decided to give him a chance. He drove here, only having seen pictures and chatting and speaking on the phone. (I did love his accent, he's Hungarian).

We hit it off, right away. He stayed the night, and was calling me before I was even out of bed to tell me how he couldn't wait to see me again. I wasn't that excited about him, but after several days of talking, I realized his English was better than most Americans, (not saying much though), and he was very funny and clever. After a few days, he invited me to come and visit him at his farm. After that date, I was swept off my feet. He was talking about taking me to Hungary to meet his family, etc..For someone who didn't think I wanted a relationship, I was willingly dragged into this one.

I won't say how it was interupted, it would take too long, but let's say there was major trouble in paradise a few months later, and I didn't see him for a couple of months. He kept in touch, saying he was going broke, depressed, had nothing to offer me, and be patient. It was the worst few months of my life. All along, he swore up and down he wasn't seeing anyone else, and I never believed it. I'd caught him in many lies, and he's so charming, he always weasels his way out of them.

Anyway, I came into some money, and made it known to him, setting a trap. I knew he'd eventually ask me for a loan, and sure enough, he did. I wired him several thousand dollars, had him sign a promisory note, and still hadn't seen him in 4 months. Now I was in control, order was restored.

A couple weeks later, I insist on seeing him, and now he owes me, big time. I went to see him, and looked for evidence of another woman. There were some cd's, candles, and lotions, and I knew, but still, he denied it. We pick our relationship back up, but I had told him I didn't want to talk about the future or the past. We have the most amazing sexual connection, and I suggested we just focus on that until he got back on his feet financially and paid me back.

Well, let's just say, I found out, (a whole other crazy story how), that not only was he involved with another woman, but he's engaged....and that he probably bought her engagement ring with MY MONEY!! Have you ever heard of anything so low? I had saved many texts, from many months back, and the minute I found out about how he was cheating on her with me, and I knew nothing, I knew I had to do something.

I racked my brain over how to use these texts (mostly sexual, and confirming our meetings). I woke up one morning and thought, "if only there was a way to photograph them". I called my girlfriend who has a good digital camera, and we experiemented, to no avail. Finally, she said, "I have an idea", and led me into her sewing room.

We held the phone under a magnifying light, and were able after a little trial and error, to photograph these text messages one at a time. I thought maybe having the number instead of his name at the top of the phone may be more credible, so I deleted his number from my contact list, thereby causing the number to be at the top of the phone. So now, I have a time stamp and his number, with hundreds of texts!

I decided to compile these in order of importance, and send them to his fiance, who had moved in with him. He's claming he's only marrying her because she's invested in the farm, and I have several texts of him saying things to that effect. He sent several saying how he doesn't love her but he had no choice, and that he loves me.

I had planned to send this info to her and never see him again. He paid me back, and then started contacting me every day. A couple of weeks later, he sent me a text inviting me to visit. It said he had a new "virgin" king size bed that needed breaking in. (She travels a lot with her job). There was no way I was going to do it, but after some thought, decided that it would the icing on the cake, a picture of the new bed. I accepted the invitation, and took a disposable camera with me. It was perfect, the old matress was propped up outside the bedroom door, waiting to be hauled off.

I photographed that first. The new bed was totally different, comforter and all. I took pics that night, and again the next morning when it was unmade, and with my feet in it. So now, the info I'm sending her is in a photo album. It starts with the old matress, then pics of her nightstand, the new bed, and the bed with my feet. The caption reads, "while you were in Chicago"...and on that page is that text he sent inviting me up.

I also included a copy of the bank transfer, promisory note, and another document from an errand I ran for him (he lied to her about who performed that errand). I also wrote her a letter, apologizing for the dramatic layout of the photo albumn, but she has to know what a liar he is, and how he'll try to spin everything. I explain that I knew nothing about her, and he'd been lying to me for months. (the texts confirm that fact).

I feel so bad for her, she's going to be devastated, but I'm doing her a big favor. You know I'm probably not the only other woman around. I'm sending this "bomb" on Monday, when she's home alone. I can't wait to see how this plays out, I can't imagine she'll marry him.

She's a savvy, divorced 41 year old, and I hope she beats his ass and sues him for the money she's given him.

If' anyone's interested, I'll let you know what happens. He thinks I'm cool with everything, I played my part so well when I went back to take the pics. That was the only time I was with him that I knew, and honestly if he'd shown a modicum of respect for her or their relationship, I couldn't have gone through with it.

I'd love to hear any feedback. Does anyone think she'll actually stay with him? How will he lie his was out of all this?

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