Can a Marriage Be Saved After an Affair is Discovered?

"I snooped through his phone while he was in the shower..."

Can a Marriage Be Saved After an Affair is Discovered?

I have been married for a little over 6 years to my husband. I recently found out that he was cheating on me. My world came crumbling down when I did.

I only found out because I decided to snoop through his phone one night when we was showering. I saw a lot of texts back and forth where he tells this woman, "I can't wait to see you already".

I almost threw up reading these texts and I couldn't even wait til he came out the shower to attack him. I literally threw his phone at him while he was still in the shower.

Anyways that was about a month ago and we are still together trying to work through this. He swears that he has cut all ties this this woman but I don't know what to believe. If I didnt snoop through his phone, he would still be with that Bi***!

My question is: Can a Marriage Be Saved After an Affair?

Does my marriage stand any chance of making it? The effort I am putting in right now to just be able to act normal around him is overwhelming. I still have anger and resentment inside towards him and I want to know if I am wasting my time.

I have to say that he has been trying everything since then to make me trust him and he is the nicest he has been with me in years.

But will it ever be enough again? Will I ever be able to feel like I once did towards him?

These are some questions swirling around in my head with the most important still being:

Can a marriage be saved after a spouse cheats on the other?

Please I am hoping to hear from someone that has actually been through this situation and is now happy again in their marriage.

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