Caught by her texts but denies it!!

by Steven Heart broken
(England )

My girlfriend is a newly qualified (36 year old) nurse she started yo change her behaviour hiding her phone at night keeping her distance from me, asking what I'd do if she ever had an affair (after the subject came up on a tv show). One day she came home 2 hours late from work, our daughter and I were waiting to take her out for dinner. She got held up at work was her excuse!
The next day she called to say she was going for a drink with the girls as she was leaving the ward for a new placement, she never came home for 3 hours and never answered her phone!! This is when I checked our mobile bill which had been hidden to find 1643 texts to one number in a month. His voice mail told me his name, turns out he was a doctor (32) from her ward.. When she came home her first words were " I'm sorry I love him" I was devastated she started crying and promised not go see him again, but the following day she text him 40 times. I snapped and cut all her clothes up and ended up in police cells. After being arrested I was not allowed near our home for a month, during this time we had contact with each other with her swearing on our daughters life that she had not seen the doctor. Lies lies lies turns out she spent the night with him at a hotel, then they continued go text and meet for "coffee" during this time.
I have found texts to him where she declares her LOVE for him and telli g him what an amazing time they had.
She slept with me on many nights during this period but would not allow any sex just a cuddle in bed, one night after her drinking we made love twice, but then the following day I found texts to him askIng to go away gor " hot sex". This guy has a family that he denied exsisted and was telling her he only wanted friends, she was not happy with this, and reminded him that they had been more than friends in the past.

We are trying to rebuild our lives but she refuses to admit that she had sex with this man claiming he came in his pants before anything could happen (but her intent to have sex was still there) subsequent text have shown her stating that she enjoyed her first time with him and loved waking up in the morning with him. The graphic texts continue but she still denies it, he even rang the house once while I was there and he admitted to sex but she went nuts and screamed "he's lying he's lying".
The problem I'm having is that after cheating on my ex wife numerous times but remaining to completely faithful to this girl for 11 years and a 9 year old daughter can I believe she loves me or is it just my money she loves and will her promise to never repeat this "mistake" be real or just desperate talk. Her refusal to admit when caught red handed is straining my trust to breaking point!!! Your advice/ opinion is most welcome

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