Change of Heart

by Bobby Griffin
(Thomasville NC)

A Change of Heart -

A Change of Heart - "My heart began to melt"

You were there on the porch swing
Should I come over, I didn’t know
I watched you from a distance
As you wobbled too and fro

You looked to be caught up in sadness
Or it seemed so to my eyes
Your head tilted to one side
Your hands across your thighs

I sat down in the rocker
My Granny’s old forgotten chair
I could tell by the smile in your eyes
You were pleased that I was there

You stopped your wobbly swinging
As you dragged the porch with your toes
You reached out your hand to me
And touched me softly as a rose

I will always remember that moment
Hard to describe just how I felt
I knew you were forgiving me
My heart began to melt

Tears flowing down my face
Of sadness, joy and remorse
We started this path together
I’d gotten way off course

Once upon-a-time we said
Until death us do part
Our past has died this day
Love offers a fresh start

In this there is no fairness
Forgiveness is truly free
No matter what the world would think
There’s still just you and me

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