Chat Room Cheating

by Kate

My beautiful partner of 3 years, im divorced, he is single, frequented chat sites on a sexual level etc last year and whilst i believed it to be cheating, he did not.

It nearly broke us, we had the most beautiful awesome relationship and our sex life was/is absolutely spectacular to say the least.

Which is why i couldnt understand the sexual interaction with other girls. I told him if he ever entered a chat room etc again that our relationship would cease that day.

I got over it, but i live in fear everyday that im going to find traces of online cheating or chat room talks and regularly check the history.

Its always been clean. Two days ago i found a site that the history says he entered with the nickname 'horny'.

Im am completely shattered, our relationship has never been better. Of course he denies entering but reckons it came up in the computer history because of some rubbish email he received. Said the site came up but he never entered. Computer says he did.

Im so torn, if he entered, he did so knowing 100% if i found out, our relationship would be over. He sounds so sincere, but my computer says otherwise.

What do i do? His word is everything, i am the love of his life, I cannot believe he would do anything to hurt me again, he told me he learned his lesson the first time and wouldnt go there again in a fit.

My computer says he did. I cant get past this.

Please help....

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