cheated on after 23 years

by Barb

My husband and I have been separated for about 6 months after 23 years together. I was under the impression that we were working towards a reconciliaton.

We stayed in contact, he came over to our house, phone calls and texts, sitting together at church. He would stop by my work, and just continued telling me he loved me. About 5 1/2 months into the separation, I started to notice little things that weren't sitting right, a "gut feeling".

I found out a month ago that he has been cheating on me and has a new girlfriend. Up until 3 days before I found this out, he was still calling, texting and seeing me and still professing his love.

Now he has cut off basically all contact other then necessities and has asked for a divorce. I am not contesting the divorce, I cannot be with someone who has betrayed me in the worst way.

He has been lying to our friends about what happened. All he tells them is I asked him to move out and would not give him any definite answers about our relationship. He neglects to say he has "moved on" with someone else. To me he is playing the victim.

I am ready to end the marriage because I feel that whatever his motives were, he made a concious choice to cheat on me. Has anyone else ever had this happen to them?

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cheated on after 23 years married 31
by: June

Like your marriages my husband cheated 7 years ago, I felt something was wrong confronted him and all the signs were there I just chose to ignore as he always spoke about men who cheated. He has a child now seven the other woman was a co=worker and went back to her Zimbabwe when she got pregnant as she had other children that her parents looked after, the pain does not go away. He has told me a lot and things seem to fit but now I feel I want us to separate as the pain is too much to bear. I always thought we would be together for ever as we now care of r2 of our grand children/ I have asked him to leave as I cant deal with the pain anymore

Wish i could just die
by: Sue

If ound out for sure that my husband was cheating on me in June. We have been married for 36 years and he has been cheating with the same woman for over a year. I am lost it and do not know what to do.

Betrayed..but we do live on
by: Wiley

it happened to me! same story,same ending. my wife of 23 yrs cheated with her highschool b/f. i was kind,generous,everything i thought a good husband should be. i was 11.5 yrs older so im guessing that had something to do with it along with im not a wealthy person but it turns out neither is the jerk that slept with my wife. i loved her as much as any man could,i also thought with a 11 yr old daughtrer at home,we being christians,id never habve to worry about such a thing-i was wrong.she unremorsefully did this,sacrificing mine and her daughters happiness.we turned to christ and god helped us cope.the years ahead will be lonely and the haunting of losing her will not go away. but somethings happen and i focus on my little angel along wwith the knowledge i was a good husband,i or we did not deserve this,but we do live on

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