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Because My Affair Was With My Ex-Girlfriend It Almost Didn't Seem Wrong

Cheated with exgirlfriend? When I first cheated with my ex-girlfriend I see now that I was scared of commitment and by stepping out on the then current relationship I felt safe and not bound to my new relationship.

As a cheating boyfriend, me views were totally incorrect.

The infidelity was like an open door in which I could step in and out whenever I wanted to or needed to. That's how I thought.

The fact that my affair was with my exgirlfriend made it almost feel like it was ok...I mean why wouldn't be? I really believed that at the time. It wasn't really cheating in my head.

I think it would be safe to say that there are lots of men and women that have this "safe feeling"

In my case I also felt that I didn't have that all needed "closure" that everyone talks about. It was probably a bunch of crap but I went with it. 

Today, I don't think there is any reason that can justify cheating on the person you love.

That "safe feeling" I had when I was cheating with my exgirlfriend was me being scared to face the responsibilities of being a respectable adult.

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"I see now that
I was scared of commitment"

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Cheated With Ex-Girlfriend

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