Can a cheater be trusted?

Can a cheater be trusted ever again? When trust is broken due to cheating and deceit, it is very painful and involves feelings of anger, hurt, and sadness.

Can you ever trust the cheater again?

Yes, but...

In order to begin the process of regaining trust, the partner that broke the trust needs to genuinely understand what their mate is going through.

The is a necessary step towards re-building trust. If the betrayed mate doesn't feel that they are being understood, then they will have feelings of resentment and possibly the urge to get even to make the other partner feel the painthat they are enduring.

If the partner that deceived can make their mate feel understood, the mate is more likely to calm down and listen to their side of the story.

The mate that cheated will need to explain the what, why, and when so that their mates shattered heart can begin to mend. If this explanation places any blame on the other mate, this will not go well. They should focus on explaining their feelings throughout the process.

In order for the healing process to begin, the couple needs to come to terms and agree upon reasonable promises. These promises will need to be clear in regards to the partner that broke the trust, future behavior.

It is very important that they are reasonable. If these promises are broken or not adhered to, the fragile state of the betrayed partner might not allow them to handle the disappointment, ending any chances the couple had of rebuilding and strengthening their relationship.

"I don't know if I could ever trust her again"

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