Cheater Websites - These Websites Promote Cheating and Facilitate Infidelity

Cheater Websites are abundantly available on the internet today. I refer to them as "Cheater Websites"because these sites facilitate and promote cheating and infidelity.

In fact there are actually striving companies on the internet today that have business models perfected to encourage and cover up the secret affairs that they help to nourish.

Sites such as Ashley Madison entices you with phrases like:

"Meet cheating Wives tonight"

"..looking for discreet affairs"

"Married dating adventures"

" to cheat on her husband"

Sounds all good huh?

These Cheater Websites promote infidelity and puts the act of cheating in the good light.

"Have Your Cake and eat it too!"

I mean isn't that the reason you have your cake? That's the message that these website are putting out there. By no means am I blaming these sites. Free will was given to each and every one of us. What we choose to do is ultimately our choice.

These websites realize that "free will"can take you a long way. Unfortunately, your relationships can suffer because of a choice you make to explore and indulge in the temptations of the web.

If you notice the pictures on these sites, the couples are always sporting a BIG smile. What we don't see is that person later in court during there divorce, or the look on the cheaters face when the doctor gives them the bad news about a sexually transmitted disease that they contracted.

These websites that promote cheating are put together like a drive through menu at Burger King. Have it your way!

Because these websites are so readily available and enticing, it will be in your best interest to be aware of them so that you will see the red flag if you come across them in such a manner as the recent search history on your computer.

You know you weren't there right?

Is your loved one just doing a report on the subject of "discreet affairs"? 

"These cheater sites are
taking social networking to the next level"

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