Cheaters Beware: Serial STD Spreader Potentially Out There!

by Scared Stiff!

STD Transmitted From Cheating!

STD Transmitted From Cheating!

Cheaters Beware: Serial STD Spreader Potentially Out There!

Cheaters Beware! For those of you men and women that find it okay to visit sites such as Ashley Madison to intentionally get involved in extramarital affairs, you better beware.

I was at a random bar and heard a rumor that a female member on Ashley Madison has a sexually transmitted disease and may be intentionally seeking out other members that find it okay to deliberately cheat on their spouses.

If it is the case, it sounds as if she is a woman that has been badly “burned” by some man due to cheating of some sort.

This is scary to me either way! The consequences of cheating have always been scary to me, but thinking that there may someone out there praying on others as revenge is crazy.

Then again, it’s also crazy to me the amount of people out there that are so unhappy in their marriages that they find it necessary to join one of these cheating membership sites.

Have you heard any on this? If so I would like to hear more on this. It’s actually scary because sites like Ashley Madison clearly outline the intentions of its members so all the members would be fare game to individuals like this.

Could this actually be true, and if so how will it affect websites such as these if the word gets out. I know I would not join up if I was contemplating it after hearing such a rumor.

It may be rumor, or it may be true and if it is then that means there may be others out there looking to do the same.

What do you think?

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