Cheating at the Workplace

"My wife met her lover at her office.
I didn't see it coming"

Cheating at the workplace is something that more committed couples now have to worry about. While there may be stress at work to perform at a certain level, it also is increasingly being used as an opportunity to pursue an extramarital affair.

As the old saying goes, "When the cat is away, the mice will play". With the demands put on workers nowadays, workers are spending more time together than with their immediate family and love ones.

So just how bad is cheating and infidelity at the workplace? In recent surveys, over sixty percent of men that were involved in or recently involved in an affair met their lover at work. There was another survey that cited over sixty five percent of workers having sexual thoughts and desires towards others co-workers.

Because of cheating stats such as theses, it may be just a matter of time before the workplace cheating affects your relationship. With the extended time together, an office affair may begin from the weekly lunch conversation about the boring weekends, or from the alone time co-workers may experience on business trips.

The danger in office affairs and relationships is that in many cases the line that defines "friend" from "more than friends" gets smudged along the way. Are they just being team players when putting in all that extra time or are the toes already across the line?

With the dynamics of work, the consistent interaction between two co-workers over a long period of time may be too much to overcome cheating at the workplace. It is apparently so, as we see the rising infidelity stats about workplace affairs.

What is the solution in keeping spouses from crossing over from the ones that having cheating thoughts to the ones that are cheaters?

"Her legs drive me crazy. She just keeps tempting me!"

Cheating at the workplace

Should the employer or co-workers get involved in trying to stop such actions? Do they have the right to monitor the computers to get such evidence of infidelity at the workplace?

I would love to hear your thoughts or any stories you may have about workplace cheating.

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