Cheating Boyfriend ! Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

by B

Cheating Boyfriend - Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

Cheating Boyfriend - Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

My Cheating Boyfriend!

Why do men cheat on women that LOVE them, do everything for them, has a kid with them..

I have been with my boyfriend going on 9 years and its always been up and down. We ended things and then decided to work things out.

Well he has this friend that is older than him by 7 years and let me tell you FUGLY as hell and he lied to me everyday saying they are just friends, well come to find out they have been seeing each other for a year and it ended 6 months ago. I

I believed him when he said they were only friends because she was very gross lol sorry.. thats another question why do guys cheat with ugly women??

I'm trying to ignore him and his calls and texts but its getting harder and I'm officially done with him, how do I go about moving on and trusting again?

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He's only one peson
by: Anonymous

Just remember that the next person you meet is not him. If you don't drop this burden of suspicion you are making everyone else pay for what he did. In other words you're making his problem yours. Is that how you want to live your life?

to my dear
by: Anonymous

My dear its really tough to be in that situation but their something you must not forget that is the must love him care for him and that you have responsibilities now so donot forget. On the other hand I hate those bustards ho cheat on a girl. Seriously what is the benefit of that. Someone that care for you and love you and they last them a side. You should say dear to that bustard go to hell. Good bye dear.

Dirty Cheaters!
by: Anghellic_27

Well first off you have a child with this guy so you cant really just forget about him. He is going to be the father of your child forever.

So in a way he will always be in your life. What I think you should do is call him speak to him firmly and say that the relationship is over and there is nothing that will change that.

Let him know that you will be civil for the childs sake. But make sure that he knows that the friendship you may have in the future because of the child will never result in a reconcilliation.

I know from personal experience that saying all this will be the easy part. Getting over him and actually trusting again is the hard part.

It will be something you have to work at. What I would do to get over him would be to go back to what you were doing before you were together.

Maybe start going out with your friends more. Plan activities for you and your child to do. Get together with family members.

Just keep yourself busy dont sit at home and dwell on him. You also said you would like to be able to trust again.

You need to give the next guy the benefit of the doubt. Unless he gives you a reason to not trust him.

Dont compare him to your last relationship. It will cause problems. Relationships are built on trust.

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