Cheating GF? -"I am not sure if these are signs that she might be cheating. She gained a new best friend at work"

by JP

Good evening

My name is JP and I'm 20 years old. I have been with my girlfriend now for almost 3 years (2 years, 11 months). We both finished studying this year, and we recently started working. We both have time-demanding jobs and we have started spending lesss time together. Before we started working she would always be very sad, sometimes even cry, when I did not sleep over at her house. We are not sexually active but we do share a certain amount of intimacy. She always had a low self-esteem and I tried my best to make her feel beautiful. I do realise that the new career might have sprouted some level of independance within her.

Recently, since we started our careers, she started showing a increased level of interest regarding the way that other men see her. She had also become a slight bit emotionally detached, not caring if I slept over or not. Also she started demanding more time for herself and she had also become more outgoing. She was never an outgoing person, she barely put her mouth to cider or any kind of drink. She got quite tipsy a few nights ago, she had told me about this. When we started our careers, she told me that she had prepared herself for a break-up, and during a fight she also started blaming me for showing less interest in her.

I am not sure if these are signs that she might be cheating. She gained a new best friend at work, a young man who she claims to find attractive. she promised me the she would never cheat on me. She also mentioned that if something like that would ever happen, she would tell me about it immediately. This time, last year, she promised me that we she will never leave me for someone else. Do I have reason to be concerned?

The last time we went through a roough patch, and she wanted to end the realationship, her older brother and mother was very angry and dissapointed at her. I am not sure that she wants me to terminiate the relationship so she cannot be blamed by her family. All of this is very confusing for me as this is my first serious relationship.

I hope that I had given you enough information to be able to formulate a hypothisis regarding my situation, and that you would be able to assist me with some guidance.

Kind regards.

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