Cheating or am I just crazy? - "We use to have sex everyday sometimes two or three times a day.."


My boyfriend always deletes text messages from his phone. He leaves for work more than an hour before his start time and it only takes him 15 minutes to get to work from our place.

He also comes home from work late 2 days a week but tells me he had to work late,sometimes more than two hours after his finish time.

He won't let me see his paystub to prove he's at work. He lies about the text messages he sends.

He logs on to the computer when I am busy with our kids. He won't let me have access to any of his email accounts.

We use to have sex everyday sometimes two or three times a day now I'm lucky if it's two to three times a week.

When he comes home he always needs a nap, he's always tired. I did catch him last Christmas cheating on me online with a coworker's daughter or I should say trying to cheat cuz she didn't want that from him.

He told her we were just friends,but when I confronted her I got the truth. After I got the truth from her he still tried to deny it, blaming it all on her.

Is he still trying to cheat on me or am I crazy?

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I hate to say this....
by: Anonymous

He is probably cheating. I'm sorry, but an ex pulled that same crap on me. I finally made him show me the pay-stub, and that confirmed it. He kept lying about it though, even with the proof in my hand. Ah well. I digress.

Make him show you his pay-stub.

Then run. He's no good; he's not even trying to make you feel secure. You can do much better.

reply to am I just crazy
by: Anonymous

I say he's certainly up to something "no good." I suggest downloading some key logger software that will let you know every website he visits, passwords to email accounts, and everything else he does on the computer. You can also get a sim card reader that will recover deleted textx from his phone, all the numbers called, etc.

Just be warned, if you go looking for something, you are likely to find it. Good luck.


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