Cheating Signs I Notice With My Wife - Please Give Opinion!

by Raphael

Additionally to the signs I have read on this article and forums, I have noticed with my wife throghout the years the following:

1-Never appreciates anything I give her such as a detail or a present, or a new Freezer or a newer biger home.

2-The cars I have given her, has always something wrong she doesn't like.

3-Never wants to do anything for her life, a career, business...always depressed.

4-Never pays attention to her personal appearance to me nor sexy clothes for me...

5-goes to bed very early or very late, but not with me..

6-Never pays attention to any "home" details..never does anything nice for the house, not "femenine" details..

7-Not pays attention to plants at home, nor the pets.

8-Our kids, bother her to extreme..Wants them but not loves them openly.

9-My kid from former relationship (6 years) before her, is a bother to her..she dislikes my kid...

10-Does not like when I wake her at night for sex.

11-Besides I found her chatting with her ex-boyfriend many times, interchange pictures.

Please I want to hear your opinion (s)

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