Actmon Computer Monitoring Software Free Download Review

Actmon Computer Monitoring Software Free Download is a must try for those looking for software to monitor their computer. Actmon is a complete Computer and Internet recording software. It can be used for both the home and commercial. It is an exceptional monitoring utility which can identify your problem area without being identified itself. It tracks and records all the computer activities and applications, including keystrokes, passwords, incoming and outgoing chat conversations, emails, and visited websites.

One such feature which makes it unique is its powerful keyboard logger. Actmon has a unique file protection: Files are not just hidden! They are completely inaccessible to unauthorized users. Files cannot be removed or manipulated by an unauthorized user or so called spyware "cleaner" applications or any other Windows software!

With the computer monitoring software free trial download you will be able to view all computer activities with the built-in screenshot recorder. It displays the current window or program that is running on your computer. All information is stored in strongly encrypted, compact log files, which can be easily archived. Actmon can hide the logs on the monitored PC or send them via network or email. 

Using It At Home

A number of husbands and wives are now using the Internet to communicate with their mistresses and lovers. Many extramarital affairs actually blossomed out of online dating services and chatting. Thus, if you are already suspecting that your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you, you need to find a way to check your partner's computer and Internet activities at home. This stealth computer monitoring software will catch them in their tracks.

You can never do enough to protect your children, but one thing that you can do is to monitor the home computer to see who your children are talking to online and about what.

Employee Computer Monitoring

As an employer, download computer monitoring software to record the activity of your employees to see how productive they really are. There is no free computer monitoring software, but downloading them on a free trial will allow you to make up your mind before you buy.

Computer Monitoring Software Free Download Trial is the best route to go before buying a computer monitoring program. Whether it is for recording your home computer's activity or used at the office to monitor your employee's 

"It allows you to monitor employee computer"


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