to I get his hotmail account password

I think my husband of 3 years may be having an affair, especially since I cannot read his email. I seek advice on how to get his facebook or hotmail account passwords.

Please post suggestions here. Thank you

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omg im going crazy
by: Anonymous

married 20 years and he's left me twice ro stay with his best friend. 2 months and then 4 months. each time he gave reasons that blamed me. i couldnt check up on him because he moved 1000 miles away...ive never been there and ive asked n go visit his hometown, but he always says no, nothing there to visit, whole family is there tho and this best friend. well last time he left, he was very mean and extremely angry, told me im nothing, told me im scum and that after he leaves, if i find anyone they will have someone on the side...he said he guarantee it...two weeks after he left lat time hes texting me everynight that he just needed a break but takes him 4 months to come back. i got extremely depressed and no matter what i take him back. he came back and talked about sister of best friend not realizing that begore he left, he said she died...i never suspected cheating but now im wondering

by: Anonymous

I am wondering if this spyagent can be detected from someone who is pretty good at the computer, my thoughts are if i get one to put on his puter he might find it, he is very adept on the computer

how to get info on computer history
by: Anonymous

check the history on your control panel go under computer clear it out in the http bar and just type in each letter of the alpabet an it will show evrywhere he has been

get his password..
by: Anonymous

I use spyagent and it records everything and will have his password the next time he types it..

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