Confused Help..My husband began sleeping with his sister's husband sister

Ok here I go! My husband and I have been together for 8 years and have 2 children together.

I can't seem to get over the past so here's my story.

At the beginning of our relationship 6 months in my husband began sleeping with his sister's husband sister.

This relationship continued for about 1 year and a half. I have to see this woman at every b-day party, family gathering, and everytime I do I get pissed all over again and I feel stupid for still being with him.

I love him and I don't believe he has cheated on me since with her or anybody else.

I'm just wondering why I can't shake these feelings and how should I handle my interactions with this woman?

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You're better than me
by: Anonymous

You are a much better person than I am. I truly do applaud you. I do mean that. I wish I had that much control.

I would have already jumped her at the very first family gathering. I just wouldn't have been able to control myself and unfortunately that is sad.

So you should be proud for being the strong woman and not beating her down in front of the children and family. I will admit, I'm NOT.

I have had to call my mother, my sister, to come get my kids because I knew my temper was about to get the best of me and I didn't want them, my children who have been living with my mother since I learned of my husband?s affair for almost a month now, jump and beat his ass.

He refuses to leave and I'm leaving my house.

This is MY HOUSE.

My first thought was, to leave him, separate, divorce. Easier said than done. We have been married for 18 years, together 20.

That's a long time. Too long to just walk away from. And she was someone I knew.

Sooo.....after the yelling and the screaming, the throwing and the breaking, the bruised knuckles and sprained thumbs from jumping him and kicking his dumb cheating ass...

I figured ok, let?s try marriage counseling. We are on our first one and it hasn't worked out BUT I'm going to try again. Perhaps you should to, if you haven?t already. And not just a marriage counselor but someone to talk to for yourself. A one on one therapist just for you.

I have also lost my faith a long time with God and with the church and please don't get me wrong, I AM NOT ONE TO PREACH RELIGION TO ANYONE!

But maybe if both you and your husband were to find your spirituality, you might be able deal with your dilemma.

It's just a suggestion. I STILL need to find mine.

Good to you, and stay strong!

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