Coping With the Pain of Infidelity – The Pain Will Cut Right Through You!

coping with the pain of infidelity

In this article, I will discuss coping with the pain of infidelity and how to get through such a difficult situation. The thought of facing such a challenge is crippling, but knowing that there is hope and that you can take your life back is encouraging.

When you encounter cheating and infidelity, it is similar to losing a love one. The natural process to overcome this loss is by grieving.

Below are the five stages that you may encounter during your process of coping with the pain of infidelity. Let it happen!

Stages Need to Overcome Cheating and Infidelity:

Denial – In this stage, you may enter an unconscious state of mind conjured up by your body to protect you from what had just happened. It will be likely that you that you will not recognize that you are in such a state. A good support system is always helpful in alerting you to this state of mind when the time is right.

Anger - This stage is almost inevitable, and will come shortly after the initial phase of denial. This is the stage when clothes get ripped, objects get thrown, and revenge is vowed. Anger is a natural way for the body to release its stress, and if you can express your emotions in a safe way you will be on the right track to coping with infidelity.

Bargaining – This is a very dangerous phase. Because of low self esteem, the cheated on partner may begin giving in and settling for conditions that they may otherwise disagree with. It is in this stage where a partner may express to their cheating spouse that they will be more attentive to their needs. This is when a good support system is most needed.

Depression – When you reach this stage, getting out of your bed may become difficult. Even the sunniest days will feel gloomy. Your tears may flow day and night. This is expected, but how you handle this stage is important. It will be extremely important to get your body going and staying busy. Your mind may feel cloudy, but the mere act of staying active will help you on your way to recovery.

Acceptance – There will come the time where you will have to face the reality of what happened. It is in this stage where you will have to come to terms and accept the fact that your spouse stepped out on the relationship. When you reach this stage, it will be the time that you will have to make the decision on whether you will stay and try to work through the difficult time, or decide to pack your bags and move on.

Coping with the pain of infidelity is process, and the key to getting through it all is by allowing the process to take place.

"He cheated on me, and I will never forgive him for that!"

Please keep reading surviving infidelity for more details in getting your life back!

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