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"When in Doubt, have them Checked Out"

Corinthian Group: Private Investigations & Personal Protection specializes in Infidelity investigations, Child Custody, and cohabitation. We also offer competitive rates and or Flat Fee Package Deals. We are available to our clients 24 hours a day and are even equipped to take last minute out of town, RUSH Assignments.

"When in doubt, have them checked out"!!! Set your mind at ease by hiring an experienced, licensed private investigator to conduct a discreet & confidential investigation. The truth will set you free.

Corinthian Group is a minority owned & operated Detective Agency, therefore we utilize an ethnic and gender diverse investigator team. We pride ourselves on assigning the right investigator to the appropriate assignments and we operate successfully in any socio-economic environment, regardless of where our investigation takes us.

Although surveillance by a Corinthian Group Private Investigator is one of the most frequently used tools and factual based evidence for confirming infidelity, there are other services and or circumstances which can also provide valuable intelligence. Below you will find a list of some of the other more commonly requested services that can be done in conjunction with an infidelity surveillance investigation:

Monitoring spouse/children E-Mail, internet or chat activity
Covert GPS Tracking device to track there whereabouts
Asset Searches.
Background Investigation into significant other.
TSCM or Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
E-Mail Tracing
Computer Investigations and or Forensics
Child Custody & Support Investigations


Increased concern with physical appearance.
Often asks about your schedule.
Sudden increase in time away from home
Decreased sexual interest.
Clothes smell of perfume and or cologne
Has their laundry done independently.
New desire to work out at the gym.
Often “unavailable” while at work
Cell phone calls are not quickly returned, if at all.
Doesn't answer cell phone in your presence.
Long phone calls on cell phone bill.
Uses a phone card and or prepaid phone.
Has unexplained receipts.
Receives a lot of anonymous text messages or phone calls.
Has suspiciously named cell phone numbers stored or dialed.
Has private voice mail pass code.
Has private phone conversations and or walks out of room.
Uses computer alone.
Has private passwords and or separate email email accounts & login ID.
Internet web browser history list (this is a record of web sites visited) contains dating, social networking and or pornographic sites.
Has separate bank accounts.
Has separate credit card accounts.
Uses cash often with no accountability for purchases.
Takes trips or vacations with the "Boys" or "Girls" and doesn't invite you.
Has last minute events planned with friends.
Attends new functions outside of work

Each case is unique, so we recommend that you call us to speak Confidentially to your Investigative consultant to discuss the specifics of your case. Both the call & the consultation are FREE. The TRUST of our client is our most prized attribute.

Feel free to call us at (877) 687-3939/OUR-EYEZ.

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Dec 04, 2011
Re: Want to Know!! Tired Of the suspicious activity!
by: Investigate4You

Feel free to give me call anytime. I'm not a salesman so you don't have to worry about a sells pitch.

Knowledge is power! Sometimes we need others to provide us we knowledge we don't have. Other times, we need outsiders to confirm the knowledge we already obtained. In either respect, it will be up to you to take the knowledge and confirmation of knowledge and DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

Whenever you feel ready to contact me, please do. I hate to see people in pain and I equally hate when people (including myself) don't turn knowledge into wisdom...

Take care and I hope to speak with you soon.

Best regards,


Dec 03, 2011
Want to Know!! Tired Of the suspicious activity!
by: Anonymous

We've been together to long to still be here, in this same old stupid, circumstance, we've been in before... I've left him, numerous times, stayed away, & basically, made up my mind, he was just a habitual, lying, cheating, narcicist... He's always been a pornography, pervert, & seems moreso, to have a pornographic pic, pop up as his home page, when i've been able to get into his locked phone, on other, continous, occasions... I know he needs to be monitored to track all his cell, internet, and im, email, activity, & it frustrates me, soooooo, when it becomes, or appears to become, almost impossible, to gain access, i used to be so good at obtaining.. i will be calling your office, to discuss, my situation... Professionals, like yourselves, could really be the EYE-OPENING, MIND-EASING, Rx, I Truly Need, To Have... TrustDumb...

Dec 03, 2011
i just wish i could monitor his phone calls, or call log, to prove he's a habitual liar, cheater, waste of time & energy, set in his cheating ways till he dies...
by: Anonymous

i have proof of phone calls he claimed he was not making, but witnessed the call log history myself on his account... online... first weeks in august we got back together to be together w/o any outside interferences, trust in him to build, faithful practices, to ME!! but, evidence of calls he continued to make, he denied, & i was more suspicious with each call she made to him, & ?d her persistent calling & leaving messages, if HE WAS NOT, ENCOURAGING THE PHONE CALLS!! He Claimed EA TIME HE WAS NOT CALLING HER, call History researched, proves otherwise... Porn sites, chatlines, im, & secret profiles, are a definate discovery, definate, Secret, & translating im messages incoming as well as outgoing... HELP, PLEASE!! DESPERATE 4 AWAKENING!!

Nov 28, 2011
RE: I've Caught Him @ It!! NEW
by: Investigate4You

As a Private Investigator handling infidelity cases for well over a decade now, one of my main concerns we address before undertaking a case is to determine what the client plans to do with the information (positive or negative) we provide them.

Finding out the information is just half the battle. It is more important to make sure you obtain evidence that is objective without any bias, so that you (the client) can make the best decisions possible. However, LOVE has a way of providing false hope when we aren't ready or prepared to show TOUGH LOVE...

TRUST is the foundation of all successful relationships. It is up to us to demand proof of that TRUST from those who have and have not violated our trust...

So many people conduct their own investigation without realizing the are damaging their own credibility and are prolonging the inevitable. Often times, the guilty party will make them feel as if they had violated the trust in the relationship and are manipulated into making excuses for the untrustworthy partner.

If your gonna do it yourself, follow these rules:

1-Be objective by making sure the evidence you obtain convincing evidence what leaves no doubt in anyone's mind.

2-Know what the evidence looks like when you are not emotional (IE-Obtains photographic evidence of significant other physically in physical infidelity such as kissing or holding hands or obtains evidence that significant other was communicating with a person who they know they have no reason to contact).

3-Don't bother conducting the investigation yourself if you have a history of being manipulated and or think your significant other can talk you out of leaving them. "You must have the ability to act and or set boundaries within your relationship when you've obtained REAL OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE."

4-CONDUCT A THOROUGH INVESTIGATION. In the matters of the heart, NEVER be in a rush to judgement. Discreetly investigate the facts before, during and after you've obtained "REAL OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE".

TrustDumb, I wish you much success. Feel free to contact me anytime for a consultation. Our advice is always FREE...

Nov 27, 2011
I've Caught Him @ It!!
by: TrustDumb

I've gone back to a man, Whom I've caught cheating, calling, texting. Chatting, & Lied ABout His Doing, what I've Seen In black & White, In phone call activity, with my own eyes, asked him about the occasions, in question, & Been Lied to, to My Face, eye to eye...
He Claims One Thing, & IS OFTEN, found Out to Be doing what He thinks, He is Hiding from me, and getting away with, because, what is actually the case, & what I'm assured to be the case, has, ON MANY, OCCASIONS, Proven TO BE OTHERWISE!! LIES!! : To Make a Long Story Short,.. He Begged my forgiveness, swore his sincere fidelity, VOWED TO IGNORE THE HOE'S he claimed to be RID OF, & Disgusted, with, But, yet Be Proven to Have Made Phone Calls, to The Hoe, He Claimed In Ashamed SINCERITY, HE WAS NOT & would Not Call... HADN'T CALLED, & definately WAS, & LIED!! HELP!!! HE'S quite the Private IM, Email, Phone, & Socializer, sly & securely, LOCKED!!

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