Curious woman

by donna
(Newark, New Jersey)

I have been married for 7 months. After our 6 months of conflict-free marraige my husband thanked me for a peaceful six months together.

About a week later i started to see text messages in his phone, but context was deleted. Out of curiousity i *67 the # it was a female co- worker...... ..

I didnt identify myself i just hung up...i see the number apperaing in his phone atleast twice a week......recently, i told my husband i was working late, but fortunately we were out of power so i came home early.

He usually gets home at 5pm but at 6 he hadnt gotten home, so i called him and he said he was working late...

I called the girl's # it was sent to i called his work phone and he didnt pick up. he called me back after a few mins.

I could tell he wasnt at his desk. after i hung up with him, i *67 the girl's phone again and now she picks up but i hung up.....

Should I say something to him or what should i do?

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A sick life
by: Anonymous

I can't tell you what to do or how to handle the situation. I can say that those feelings you get, the feelings of anxiety, that you can't trust him or what he says, will never go away.

Eventually you'll start feeling a sort of hollowness, that then slowly starts feeling up with the worst pain you'll ever experience, and no matter what he tells you , it will just always get worse.

Your gut feeling on the situation is what you need to pay attention to, because we never lie to ourselves.

I am sorry you are having this awful experience, just make sure that you never get caught in a sick life.

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