Dealing With Infidelity in Marriage

Life After Infidelity May Never Be The Same

Marriage is hard enough, but dealing with infidelity in marriage makes it an uphill battle to happiness. Marriage is the bonding of two individuals by mutual commitment. However, the reality for so many marriages is that a lot of the individuality remains in one or both of the partners that later puts a stress on their sacred bond.

"I don't feel alive anymore…"

"My life is lacking excitement…"

Those are common thoughts and comments that are made by spouses in marriages around the world. Humans are social creatures and to a sense, "marriage" says that your actions need to be confined when it comes to socializing and interacting with others of the opposite sex.

For many, that is a stifling feeling that may lead them to rebel and stray from the sacred bond at some point in the relationship. The other partner never usually sees the initial warning sign of infidelity.

When the harsh reality of infidelity hits, they're now left with dealing with infidelity in marriage and the fact that their life may never be the same.

dealing with infidelity in marriage

The first reaction in the process will be the initial shock of the affair. Your mind will not seem to grasp the idea that your spouse has been intimate with someone else, either physically or emotionally. Your illusion of a normal happy family is crushed. Your head is filled with doubts of the love your spouse claimed to have for you all along. You may even playback a warning sign of infidelity that you repeatedly overlooked along the way.

Now you are filled with anger and rage. At this point, you feel like physically harming your spouse and maybe even yourself. With your emotions running wild depression may also set in to the point that you don't feel like even getting out of bed in the mornings and you may not even want to eat.

At some point, with anger will subside and your thoughts and energy now become focused on inflicting pain and hurt on those that have gotten you to this point. The serious thought of "revenge cheating" now clouds your mind. Plans are conjured up in your head on how you can physically, emotionally, and even financially hurt those that ruined your life.

Your body and mind can only take so much stress; it eventually will begin to find a way to release the anger that consumed you. You are now physically and emotionally drained and eventually your thoughts will return to a more stable state in which you may find closure to your ordeal.

When trying to reach the closure you desire, consideration of staying with your spouse may be one of your choices in reaching your goal. If this is, you will need to get your mind right because it will be a long drawn out process along the way.

Remember when dealing with infidelity in marriage, it takes to make it work. If your partner is not willing to endure the ups and downs in process of recovery from infidelity, then your choice to closure needs to be one without them in your life.

There are going to be times where you are doing great and other times when you are an emotional wreck. Your erratic behavior may be triggered by a number of things that brings the affair and your pain back up to the surface. This is where you will need your partner to be there for you most.

dealing with infidelity in marriage

Can The Love in a Marriage Come Back After Infidelity?

It most certainly can, and for some the love and marriage becomes even stronger after overcoming and dealing with infidelity as a committed couple.

"Infidelity was almost the best thing to happen to us,
we were taking each other for granted. We both work at our marriage daily now"

Stay strong and know that things will get better!

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