Devoted Husband looing for Advice!

Devoted Husband Looking for Advice

I've been married for 10 years and I work out of town a lot lately leaving my wife alone with free time most of the week during school hours.

In the last year or so she has had a change in several different areas. She works out her abs and is on a diet program, she is cold and disconnected, no intimacy or sex.

Once,when I came home early from out of town unexpectedly, she was FURIOUS. She also spends hours on her laptop which is password protected and keeps her cellphone close at all times.

I've decided to stop being trusting/naive and look for evidence. I would like any opinions or tips and if I'm right to be concerned.

Do you think it would be a local affair or online? Help me out...

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Same thing
by: Anonymous

Oh, she is cheating. Exact same behavior from my buddies wife. Exact. New workout, abs, dressing sexy for out of town meetings. Finally caught her. Get over it or get out.

by: Anonymous

she's just a whore,get rid of her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally over
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your comments. I finally caught her with hard evidence after 2 years of denial and she finally admitted she has been sleeping with this guy for nearly 2 years.

For those of you who mentioned about communicating and giving attention, it is all crap. I do travel a lot but I always made a point of taking frequent breaks to spend time with my family.

I don?t travel for fun; it is part of my job to earn and feed the family. Cheaters never change and that?s for sure. I have packed and moved out..

by: Anonymous

There is never any excuse to cheat on anybody. If a woman cheats on her man because he is not satisfying her emotionally, then that logic presents a strong case for a man to cheat on his woman because she is not satisfying him sexually.

Cheating Wife
by: Smart

I have a similar problem. Several years ago while I was out of town I was told by an onlooker at a night club that he saw my wife kissing this other man and he was also seen at my home. She denied it but I was suspicious and had a spywear installed on her computer and caught her exchanging love notes like I miss you and I love you. She again said it was nothing and that they just friends and she agreed to stop. Recently she seems to act the same way she used to and I found her exchanging the same notes, but he is in a different country now. Could there be something going on between them, or am I just being paranoid?

Could be cheating or is it? "Okay, your away on business for days, while your wife is getting physically fit"
by: Anonymous

Okay, your away on business for days, while your wife is getting physically fit. Are you fit? Are you taking care of yourself, too?

Perhaps she likes it that you are gone. Do you just talk about yourself, or do you find things that interest her.

Is it all about you and your work. The no sex could simply be that she is no longer attractive to you and it could just be because it's all about you or your not romancing her.

Why is it men stop paying attention to their wives and listen to them, why does it have to be all about them and their work.

If it's none of that this it's highly likely she's cheating, but I would just ask her.

Devoted Husband looing for Advice!
by: Anonymous

Unlike most of the other comments have suggested I can?t confirm she is definitely cheating on you.

As far as having her cellphone and laptop password protected, there is always a way round that by being sneaky with spy products.

My ex-wife denied cheating on me for over two years until I was able to get actual evidence that suggested she was, and this is when I confronted her.

She is cheating. Why do i think like this? Well, I was cheating on my bf
by: Anonymous

The ugly truth is that she is cheating on you, this is what i think. Why do i think like this?

Well, i was cheating on my bf (8 years relationship) and i was acting the same like your wife does.

I was in love with the other guy and he was in love with me. He was also in a relation. And i also went on a diet, took more care of myself, being beautifull and shiny with the other guy and bitchy with my official bf.

It ended and my bf didn't find out (he suspected me, but he didnt find out)

And one more thing: If she cheated once she will cheat twice.The first time is difficult. Then it is easy... I know it from experience.

And if she is cheating it's not only her fault. it means that something doesnt satisfy her in this relation: sex, affection, friendship...

Good luck!!!

Some advice
by: Lied to

Before you go looking for something, talk to her. Communication is key. If you can, spend more time with her . You've been married for ten years.

If there is a problem fix it. Chances are she is lonely. Call her, tell her you love her, surprise her. Tell her your fears.

If you have been ignoring her I'm sorry is a good start. Good luck.

Sorrv..Im going to be very blunt,your wife is cheating
by: Anonymous

Im going to be very blunt,your wife is cheating on you sorry to say but its true I know because I went through the same thing with my wife,4 months ago she was doing the exact same thing and she had been doing this for a little over a year,I only found out because I kept snooping around and when she got sloppy I caught her,she confessed and said she had been going to a hotel with a guy,and then I saw the messages on myspace to another guy where she was saying I love you baby and your sexy,weve been married for about 7 years and I loved her so much,I cried for maybe a week straight,look on the computer for something and sneak her phone to the phone company and say you lost the pin.Most of all DO NOT go into denial and BE STRONG !

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