Did my Wife Cheat on Me?

by James
(San Diego, Ca)

Did my wife cheat on me in the past? I neglected her words before but now I am struggling to get them out of my head.

Ok, I have been in deep denial but it has all come flooding back to me now.

My wife and I were married in 2002. We have had a very tense relationship a lot of fighting / arguing etc...

In 2010 for several months during each argument she would say she had "sex with another man". She would slip that in and then move on. I thought nothing of it; thought she was just trying to hurt me, until finally in one argument she didn't slip that comment in, she fully yelled it at me over and over again that she had sex with another man.

Did she cheat on me?

Was she just trying to hurt me?

Was she saying this during an argument to try and justify herself !!!! ????


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