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My girlfriend (we talked about getting married and having children) cheated on me with a married man.

I found out who his wife was and contacted her on Facebook. We now support each other through Facebook chat. She has four daughters ranging from 2yo to 12yo and I have two girls 6yo & 9yo from a previous marriage.

The worst part is that my youngest and my ex gf's daughter are the same age and were the best of friends. She didn't just do it to me but to my daughters as well.

These are the songs that have gotten me through this: Gone by Montgomery Gentry

How Am I Doin' by Dierks Bentley

Psycho by Puddle of Mudd

If You're Going Through Hell by Rodney Atkins,

I F****** Hate You by Godsmack

I Stand Alone by Godsmack

Straight Out of Line by Godsmack

You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette

Hit The Road Jack by Buster Poindexter

Do I by Luke Bryan.

But my all time absolute favorite song that really pulled me back over the edge was.....

Pray For You by Jaron And The Long Road To Love

You've gotta put it on the top of your list!!!!!!!!!!!!

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