What Are Typical Divorce Costs?

The typical divorce costs may be a lot more than you imagine. Maintaining a relationship may be difficult, but the consequences of not maintaining one can be twice as bad.

It almost seems that in today's society couples are not taking marriage as serious as they should. Is that the case? It may also be that today's society has way too many resources at their finger tips that couples of the past didn’t have access to.

Either way, the harsh reality is that going through a divorce can be mentally, physically, and financially draining.

To start, you may be charged a retainer fee to begin the case. This is like a security deposit to ensure future payments. This can be a few thousand dollars.

The divorce attorney may then charge hourly fees of $75-$350, depending on the case, their experience, and demand. The fees add up quickly and could quite possibly exceed $45,000 in some cases.

As the case proceeds, the divorce costs begin piling up on miscellaneous charges that the lawyer incurs while he defends you. One of these costs may experts or investigators that were hired to support your case. Other charges may be simple items such as faxes, filings, and research. You get the picture!

While your lawyer is billing you for everything that he can legally do, you are now accruing expenses associated with the re-arranging of your life. You may now have to find a new home, or apartment which may require a down payment. Oh, you only had one car? Guess what, time for a new car. As you transition to your new life, these expenses will add up quickly.

Sounds bad huh? Well, these are only the costs you may have during the divorce. Afterwards who knows what could be required to pay monthly, or what assets you will have to give up.

Almost forgot some intangible costs of divorce that you will endure. One of these is mental anguish! Another is your time! The cost of either of these is immeasurable. Sound frightening?

My reasoning in presenting these divorce costs in such a negative light was not to frighten you. It is intended to enlighten you enough that you thoroughly think through your current situation so that you may make sound decisions about your relationship. 

"The cost of my divorce was mind blowing!"

Things may not always work out as planned, but that doesn’t mean a civil solution is not possible.

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