Do You Have a Work Spouse? Is This Relationship Considered Cheating?

by Chris

So, do you have a work spouse?

In this article I will discuss what defines a work or office spouse relationship. I would then appreciate your thoughts on whether or not this type of relationship is considered cheating?

So let’s start by first defining just what makes up this office relationship.

This relationship is formed usually between two co-workers of the opposite sex that share a special relationship in the office that is similar to those of a typical marriage. This would include the sharing of intimate details, private stories, and a mutual level of trust that many marriages would be lucky to have.

This relationship usually forms naturally amongst certain co-workers without much effort.

According to a recent survey by, eleven percent of people thought that they had someone with whom they shared this special office relationship with.

Do You Have a Work Spouse?

Below Are Some Signs That You Do Have an Office Spouse Relationship with a Co-Worker

You Depend on Them – You depend on them for trivial things such as snacks, office supplies, and jokes to make your day.

Connect on the Same Level – You share inside jokes that only pertain to you two.

Honest and Blunt – You can be straightforward and blunt about things such as their appearance, breath or something else that others probably wouldn’t touch.

Knowledge of Your Life – This person knows just as much about your personal life as your real spouse does, maybe more.

Disappointed If Absent – If this person is absent, your day just doesn’t seem the same.

So now that the relationship has clearly been defined, do you think it could be considered cheating and would you like it if your spouse carried on such a relationship with someone at their office?

There are plenty of experts that believe these are usually the relationships that transform into the office affairs. If that is the case, would you still want the relationship curtailed even if you didn’t think it was quite cheating in fear of the potential hazards?

I personally believe that these special office relationships are more likely to lead to an affair over your traditional office relationship. That is my personal opinion and I would love to hear yours!

The question is yours:

Do you have a work spouse, and is it considered cheating?

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