Do You Have a Work Spouse Poll

Welcome to the "Do You Have a Work Spouse poll". This is an interesting topic to me. While I do not consider myself a jealous person, I do have a personal opinion on this subject and

I would feel a little bit uncomfortable if my spouse had such a relationship.

Before we get into the poll, I just wanted to briefly define what makes up a work spouse relationship.

This relationship is formed usually between two co-workers of the opposite sex that share a special relationship in the office that is similar to those of a typical marriage. This would include the sharing of intimate details, private stories, and a mutual level of trust that many marriages would be lucky to have.

My position is not one so much of trust as it is that the more you put yourself in compromising positions the more you are likely to make costly mistakes.

After submitting your selection, you may add a personal comment that I will add to this page later as quotes.

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Come back often as I will be updating the polls frequently with new questions that were requested to be added.

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Do You Have an Office Spouse and Is it Considered Cheating?

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Comments From Others

"I have a relationship at my job that I know my husband would never approve of"

"I would be very upset to know my wife had such a relationship at her office. I wouldn't do it."

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