Does Facebook Facilitate Cheating?

by Crissy

Facebook Facilitate Cheating?

Facebook Facilitate Cheating?

Does Facebook Facilitate Cheating?

Does the popular social networking site Facebook facilitate cheating? Many people will say no, but what's the real answer?

What do you use Facebook for? Afterall, isn't one of the interesting aspects of this network the ability to "reconnect" with old friends? Well, when you are married, anyone other than your spouse or family is probably considered a "friend".

That would mean that the good old ex would fall into that general category of an "old friend". Problem is, this reconnection brings you a step closer to infidelity.

Not everyone that reconnects with an ex will eventually cheat with them, but the term "old flame" was coined for a reason. In some instances, the fire quietly burns beneath all the ashes and if uncovered can lead to an inferno of infidelity.

Does Facebook facilitate cheating?

To answer that question honestly, you just need to stop and think about what "facilitate" means. Basically it means to make easier. A car facilitates travel. So wouldn't Facebook facilitate "reconnecting with old friends"?

I think so and while many of us will never cross that line, I am sure for many of this same group the curiousity of looking up an "old flame" have been there. We all know what curiousity did to the poor little cat, so let's leave it at that!

I would love to hear your thoughts about Facebook facilitating cheating or any other story as it relates to cheating and social networking site.

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