Don't know what to do?

My wife has a new girlfriend and has recently started to hang out with her. I still haven't met her after a month or so. On a couple of occasions of meeting her for drinks after work, my wife came home as late as 3 am.

The last time she met up with her I left her with one of our mutual friends and went home to take care of the kids. My wife said she wouldn't stay out late.

As it got late I called her several times with no answer. I finally went to bed only to wake up at 6:45 and she wasn't home. I found a text on my phone from around 3 am saying she met up with her before mentioned new friend and would be home by 7.

Okay...I was pissed because she didn't call or answer when I called. I could tell she was guilty when I gave her the "you should have called me" speech. Later that morning she invited me into the shower... Not something she ever does.

That day she was getting a bunch of texts, when I asked her who was blowing her up she avoided the question. As the day progressed I noticed she was very protective of her phone.

She usually leaves it lying around everywhere. Typically it will ring or tone and she will tell me to see who it is or go get her phone for her. I couldn't take this. I finally got a chance the next day when it was unguarded to look at the call and text log... It was erased.

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This is also something that she has never done. Since then she has kept up the possesiveness of the phone. I've seen her hide it, leave it in her car, carry it room to room... I recently looked at our cell records and found a couple of numbers with goofy area codes.

I figured one was her new friend since it was from where my wife said she moved from, but the other one was from somewhere else. Coincidentally this number was only texted to, and was lining up to the dates and times of her strange phone behavior (starting the day after the all nighter).

So I did a little more digging and found where the number came from. I found a guys name who just happens to be living in our hometown (he didn't lock out his facebook). Now I really started to freak.

She went to the gym the other night (also something she never does) and our cell records showed a bunch of texts to this number during this time. Oh, did I mention I blocked my number and called to see who answered.

It was indeed a male voice on the other end. Also the other night, before she went to the gym, I went to give her a kiss and her phone was next to her on the couch, and as I leaned in she shoved it behind the pillow like I wouldn't notice.

The next day I was able to look at her phone again and the text log was erased, and the number was logged under a business name that didn't add up.

Again I looked at the cell records. That same number was back and forth during the kiss/phone stash, and while she was at the gym. Oh, and there are also texts there today during her work time.

I haven't gotten a call or text today... I don't know what to do.

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