Dove Soaring Over Sea

by Babe

Dove Soaring Over Sea

Wings are spread wide open,Flying so high above the clouds.
The tears that fall every day and night are so loud.
I long to find a sanctuary, a peaceful place to explore my deepest feelings of love and affection.
Allowing the love within myself to unfold,regaine,grow in my heart for my desires and connection.
By the sea i sit, a place where i bear all in a veil of protection.
The wings of a dove embrace my soul as it has a heart of love.
Oh White dove promise to never leave me alone.
The stars give me courage.Soft dove wings of peace, i ask that you hold me tight.
Dove soaring over sea,keep me calm and not feel fright.
I'm not lost in the dark,There is one star in the sky shining so bright.
In your eyes i see fear, in your eyes i see doubt.
Oh lord, how i know what true love is all about.
That special peace thats hard to find.
In your eyes i find that peace of mind.
My heart is bleeding, like a ship at sea thats being tossed.
I see a dove soaring across the wavey seas.
My eyes absorb, the beautiful sight.
Standing on the sand, I fall to my knees.
I glance up at the sky, my arms open wide.
I call out to the dove with all my might.
My heart is hanging onto life by a thread.
Dove soaring over sea, oh how beautiful and peaceful you look with your wings spread.
Oh dove bring me peace,Drop upon me tranquility.
Keep my strength strong, Dove i do my best with my own ability.
The strain in my heart i endure.
The true and honest love i have in my heart i know is pure and my heart is sure.
I'm asking you dove soaring over sea.
For one day my gorgeous wife to be able to forgive me.
Babe , take me back i cry.
Oh how our marriage, does deserve that one try.
Look inside each others soul.
What do we see? Flames flaring so high.
Dove soaring over sea, don't pass our dreams crying hearts by.

Written By Babe 9-27-08

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