Dreams Crying

by Babe

Dreams Crying

Glancing up at the sky
I see an overwhelming glow of flickering stars.
I wipe my eyes from the tears i cry.
Beyond the wound my heart feels, the pain inside is locked beyond my bars.
I long so for the safety of my heart and soul every night.
The solitude of true love within my hearts stilness felt so right.
Where’s my window to the endless love i've given with all my might?
I need the moaning of your voice to set me free.
Confined within my shell, reality is in the air.
I crave for nothing more than bright infinity from your eyes you stare.
To spread my dream and raise my hopes
To where no other soul elopes.
Desperately, i’m confirming my creed
My sweet christian religion is what i need.
I need to regain my dreams from beneath the rock.
I need to open my soul and not allow the pain in my heart to take a toll.it’s all i ask lord.
Where am I? Why this weight of stones?
Laying all around my bones?
Set me free, oh take me away i pray
Take me where my dreams all broken lay.
In my heart the wound i feel you’ve sealed tight.
And i can’t breathe the air of the night.
So here i weap the dreams crying that should'nt die.
Nobody else heard, nobody else knew, nobody else cried.
I kept it all within under my throat.
No one to ever take away my true love for a person i devinely adore.
Lord i hand you all my emotions inside me and allow you to make them soar.

Written By Babe 8-7-08

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